About the breed
The Scottish cat is one of the youngest breeds. It is distinguished by its unique appearance, grace and high level of intelligence. Scots are graceful and beautiful, so they are considered to be the decoration of any home.
scottish fold
scottish fold
Created to be together with you
The first litter
Second litter

Third litter
Fourth litter
◻ Our kittens grow up in a private country house
◻ Kittens have their own doctors
◻ Each kitten has an individual approach that helps to fully reveal the character of the kitten.
◻ Childbirth takes place in a clinic under the supervision of professionals

scottish fold

◻ All modes of proper feeding are observed (prof. super-premium feed), education and recommendations of doctors and felinologists.
◻ Vaccination. Course of vaccinations by time (8-12 weeks)
◻ Owners for kittens are selected personally by agreement with tracking their future fate (photos, videos)
◻ We provide a service for our customers for overexposure of our kittens in case of departure of the owners
scottish fold
◻ In case of rejection of the kitten for any reason-return only back to their home to exclude any psychological trauma for the animal.
◻ Advice and recommendations on caring for kittens after transfer to a new home
The fate of the kitten is important to us
Special approach to clients
We hope you won't need it, but..
Champion- Ch. WCF
Scottish Fold (SH)
Golden Ticked Tabby
SFS ny 25
Grand International Champion - GICH WCF
Scottish Straight (SH)
Black Silver Shaded
SFS ns 11.

Champion - Ch. WCF
Scottish Fold Shorthair
Chinchilla Silver (SH)
SFS ns 11
World Champion WCF
Scottish Straight (SH)
Black Silver Shaded
SFS ns 11
Grodno, Russia
Very affectionate, kind, domestic cat, moderately playful, loves attention, lying in a hug and likes to sleep on the windowsill. Beautiful, mesmerizing view of the sky color. A true friend who is always near.
I want to express my great gratitude to you for our fluffy lump! We have been looking for a kitten for about a year, we talked with different breeders. The fact is that we had to transport a kitten from Russia to Los Angeles. I think we would not have been able to do this without Vasilisa: collect certificates, get vaccinations, buy the right size carrier and even go to the airport to get an international certificate! And all this in just a week! Vasilisa was constantly in touch! I have rarely met people with such a sense of responsibility. I would like all people who deal with animals to be like this!
We bought Leela the cat in March of this year. This is the best purchase in recent times! The most important thing is that we didn't have any problems with her . The breeder told us about proper nutrition and care. Lila quickly became friends with our dog and now they are constantly playing. Our cat is very beautiful, affectionate and smart. We love her as a family and are happy to have a new member of our family
I must say right away, after this breed, I fell madly in love with cats, although I liked dogs more. The cat Lola got to us from the breeder Vasilisa. It gives a great initial education to kittens and accompanies them throughout the time. Lolo is a gentle cat, very smart, affectionate and loyal animal. She meets us at the door when we get home. We love her very much!! Thank You, Vasilisa!
Kaliningrad, Russia
Alexey and Tamara,
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Our customers say:
Los Angeles, USA
About me
My name is Vasilisa and I am madly in love with cats.

Cats for me are home comfort, warmth, affection,
and most importantly, true and loyal friends.

When choosing a breed, I studied the character of cat families, breed standards, and appearance. Scottish kittens drew my attention to their luxurious, noble appearance. An incredible combination of grace and a high level of intelligence, as well as kindness and devotion to the person.
If a kitten has chosen You as a friend, then wherever you are, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, or lying down to rest on the bed, it will always be near You.

It should also be noted that I try to pay attention to each kitten and take a responsible attitude to each initial stage in order to give You a healthy and beautiful kitten in your hands.
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